About Us

We help businesses of all sizes take control of their outside counsel legal costs.

The resources, experience, and adaptability to create the solutions your business needs.

Verdant Analytics provides customized end-to-end legal spend management services to clients across industries.


We have reviewed hundreds of millions of dollars in annual legal spend for our clients.

User Friendly

Our professionals can manage internal and external communications to streamline your legal spend management activities.


We will work with you to create new billing solutions that meet your ongoing, changing needs.

An Industry Leader in Legal Spend Management

Verdant Analytics has successfully reduced legal costs for clients around the globe in the financial services, insurance, and other industries, with an approach combining advanced technological processes and hands-on review by attorneys and other professionals with years of legal spend management experience.

Flexible Options

Contact one of our representatives to learn about the spend management services we can provide.

We have built our reputation by providing our clients with deep insight into their outside legal spend to enable more informed spend management decisions for the future.

A Diverse Team of Professionals Dedicated To Helping You Better Manage Outside Legal Spend

Our team includes attorneys with experience at some of the world’s largest firms, multidisciplinary specialists, and management consultants, all focused on better managing our clients’ legal spend. We are thus able to provide comprehensive review and analysis, incorporating the latest technological advances, and we have the skills and background to effectively communicate with outside counsel on your company’s behalf.

With deep institutional knowledge of legal spend management processes that work in targeting and identifying billing guideline compliance and potential inefficiencies and errors in legal bills, the Verdant Analytics team has successfully become a long-term partner of businesses in managing and optimizing their ongoing outside legal costs.

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