Take Charge of Outside Legal Spend

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Comprehensive Support to Understand and Control Your Legal Expenses

Outside legal costs can consume your budget. You need to ensure that your spend is optimized.

Verdant Analytics employs process, technology, and market knowledge to help companies of all sizes reduce and better manage their legal costs.

our mission

We help clients analyze, reduce, and better predict their outside legal spend.

Whether you have spend management procedures in place or are starting from zero, we can help.

Our services are customized to fit your needs.

From invoice review to comprehensive spend reporting and predictive modeling, Verdant Analytics is your solution.

We provide a range of services, including end-to-end process implementation.

Adding Value For Your Business

We reduce costs for clients by enforcing billing guidelines and best practices, identifying inefficiencies and errors, developing data on your current spending patterns, and creating predictive analytics to guide effective spend decisions going forward.

Providing Clarity

We meet businesses wherever they are with their current processes to understand and manage costs over the long term.

Market Sophistication

With years of legal spend management experience, we can help develop billing guidelines, law firm spend analytics, and law firm management and communication strategies.

What Makes Us Different?


With our deep institutional knowledge of legal spend management issues and technological expertise, we can build customized processes for clients to continuously manage outside legal costs.


We provide services and solutions to meet the needs, budgets, and existing processes of clients large and small. We work with all internal e-billing platforms as well as build custom-made solutions.


From invoice review, to developing internal processes and guidelines, to creating communication strategies with outside counsel, Verdant Analytics has the ability to provide end-to-end legal spend management services that meet all client needs.

Guiding your business every step of the way in managing outside legal spend.

Managing internal and external operations related to legal costs is complicated. We are here to simplify every aspect of the process.